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At Acco we have a passion for knowledge. Developing it, shaping it and disseminating it. We have been operating since 1960, but our enthusiasm are still as youthful and fiery as they were back then.

Much more than a bookstore

Much more than a publisher.

At Acco we bring knowledge to you. But we also create knowledge with you. As a student, you will find all of the study material you need in our bookstore and e-shop. As a teacher or professional, you can rely on us to publish your work. We will help you to develop your ideas and work with you to find the best possible way of reaching your target audience.

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Every student comes to Acco. Every school and academic year begins at Acco. Your course booklist tells you immediately which subjects you will be getting your teeth into this year.

Acco shareholder

Do you know about Acco shares? By buying one, you can support us as well as benefit from better prices when shopping at Acco for the rest of your life.

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Acco Medical. The online bookstore for all specialist (para)medical literature.

Acco Medical

Lifelong learning.

If you are as eager for knowledge as we are, you will know that learning doesn’t stop once you have been awarded your diploma or degree. On the contrary. With Acco, you learn throughout your whole life. For example on the seminars that we organise for your particular specialist field. And these seminarsare just one of the initiatives that we offer to challenge your mind (and ours) and keep your mind sharp.


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